At PEP, every decision we make is guided by these core values.  



Hire & Develop the best educators


Great educators are fundamental to a great learning experience. Our educators may not necessarily come from teaching backgrounds, but have demonstrated high achievement in their prior fields. They are exemplary professionals who take deep pride and ownership in their work, and have a passion for education. At PEP, we provide rigorous training to our new educators before they begin working with children, and subsequently help them stay abreast of recent research and global best practices. 

Treat Students As Unique Individuals


All children learn differently and take their own routes to mastery. Our approach respects children as unique individuals. At PEP, our educators and learning environments are responsive to individual student needs, not optimised for the convenience of adults. Students are empowered to make choices about the structure of their learning, and work independently or in small groups. Educators closely observe each student, and help them work on material that is tuned towards their current ability. Students progress at their own pace after demonstrating mastery.


Build Both Cognitive & Character Skills


At PEP, we lay strong academic foundations and build life skills in an integrated manner. We recognise that the smartest children in class aren’t always the most successful; qualities like perseverance, self-awareness and adaptability play an important role along with natural talents. Our culture thus emphasises developing both cognitive and non-cognitive skills: parents, children and educators work towards agreeing on and achieving rigorous personal goals that span academics and life skills.


Partner With & Earn Trust of Parents


Learning happens anywhere, anytime. We recognise that parents are important educators in students’ lives and deeply influence their children’s attitudes, mindsets and habits. Helping parents complement learning with personalised suggestions at home can have a tremendous positive impact on learning outcomes. We thus unite the efforts of educators and parents to deliver the best learning experience for students. At PEP, we believe parents are as much a school’s customers as their children: they deserve transparency,  responsiveness to feedback, convenience and an anxiety-free experience.


Invest Smartly & Innovate Relentlessly


We are a scientific research driven organisation. We prioritise investing in things that have been shown to drive learning outcomes (high quality educators and custom-designed environments, for example), and underinvest in less effective aspects (like lavish infrastructure). We foster a culture of relentless improvement using formal and informal mechanisms: sharing and collaboration between educators, continuous training programs inculcating global and local best practices, weekly reflection by students and monthly feedback from parents.