The Montessori Elementary program for Grades 1 to 6 extends Montessori education to children aged 6-12.

We offer a warm, yet challenging atmosphere incorporating a high level of expectation for mastery of content, augmenting of skills and personal development.



All Learning is Integrated


A Broad, Challenging Curriculum

Facilitated by trained educators and a rich assortment of hands-on Montessori learning materials, the elementary program emphasises mastery of mathematical foundations, writing and communication skills, and reading comprehension at advanced levels.

Montessori recognised the fundamental interconnectedness of all disciplines. Thus, integrated “cosmic education” is the focus of the curriculum, bringing together mathematics, botany, zoology, language and literature, history, geography, art, music, and physical education. The elementary program helps develop young, self-directed people who are naturally fascinated by the universe.


Personal Development

Along with academic learning, we focus on developing important human ideals: a love of learning, self-discipline, respect and community cooperation.

In the elementary program. students share the responsibility of managing their community; they learn to respect and care for themselves, others, and the environment.

The elementary Montessori child is encouraged at all times to take responsibility for his actions. He thereby develops a strong sense of independence, personal awareness and respect for himself and his society.

We Adopt a Personalised Approach


Understand the child’s needs

Montessori understands and respects the intellectual and social needs of the evolving child — the elementary program is designed keeping in mind the current stage of development of the child.

The first plane of development occurs from birth to age six. At this age, children are sensorial explorers with their hands and senses being the pathways towards brain development.

From six to twelve years of age (the “elementary” age), children become conceptual explorers. They develop new powers of abstraction and imagination and apply their knowledge to further discover and expand their world — we leverage this as the backbone of our program.


The role of the Montessori educator is to deeply understand each individual child, and design learning paths to help them on their individual journeys.

Montessori educators rarely teach to the whole class. Instead, they give lessons to individual children on small groups based on ability, readiness, and interest. This means that each child is constantly challenged at just the right level. Further, it allows gifted children to speed ahead (rather than being constrained by their current grade), and children who need additional help to be adequately supported.


We Encourage Exploration & Discovery


Joyful Learning*

Montessori children learn because they enjoy learning—because they delight in new knowledge, or love mastering new skills, or get motivated by observing older children.

To further support their learning in the Montessori elementary program, enrichment opportunities such as educator-led field trips and child-led “Going Outs” are provided. These are mechanisms that inspire the child to continue their own deeper explorations into areas that fascinate them.


InTEREST-based Research work

In keeping with the needs of this child, The Montessori elementary program facilitates the development of a rigorous questioning and investigative process within the child.

Students learn not only answers to their questions, but also are encouraged to wonder, discover what questions must be asked, think through problems, analyse situations and find answers for themselves. They are equipped with tools (such as a broad range of encyclopaedias and reference books) that help them make their own discoveries and find their own answers.

In essence, this helps empower students to be masters of their own learning.


Enquire about the Elementary Program


Between 5.5 years - 8 years at the point of enrolment. We presently offer Grades 1 to VI (as of academic year 2019-20)


9:30 am - 3 pm | Monday to Friday


Available (till 6:30 pm) on request


Available based on feasibility