at PEP, We run a very transparent, information-Rich and painless admissions process.

We are presently open for admissions for children from 15m upwards till Grade 6.


We presently offer the following programs at our HSR Layout school in Bangalore.


We have a rolling admissions calendar. Children can join any program at any point during the academic year, based on the available vacancies.


  1. Schedule a visit to our HSR Layout school using the form below, or send an email to

  2. Participate in an info session about the school with one of PEP’s founders.

  3. A detailed document introducing the Montessori approach will be sent to you. Read it and respond to an online questionnaire.

  4. A follow up conversation will be scheduled with another PEP founder after we receive your response, to discuss further questions.

  5. We then proceed towards freezing the joining date as well as other enrollment formalities.

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