The Montessori Toddler Program provides a warm, Caring and Welcoming environment that supports the needs of children (from 15 months+)



We Foster Independence


A Do-it-Yourself culture

Toddlers often are in a frustrating position: they want to do things for themselves, but do not know how. Many tantrums can be avoided by enabling a child to do things for himself at a time when he is eager to do so.

In the Toddler Program, a toddler spends a large amount of time learning the self-help skills that lead to independence from constant adult help. In our classrooms, we offer endless opportunities to practice and master everyday tasks, thus giving them a sense of accomplishment and pride.


Inculcating personal responsibility

In order to become responsible for themselves, children learn the art of self-care. This includes tasks like managing their own belongings, setting up their snack tables and feeding themselves, wiping their noses, washing their hands at appropriate times, and so on.

Further, we work closely with parents to help toddlers graduate out of diapers with a positive toilet training experience done the Montessori way.  

AN ORDERLY Environment

Montessori recognised that young children are very sensitive to both physical and psychological order. Emotional outbursts in toddlers are often results of being overwhelmed by disorder around them.

We support this need with a carefully prepared, child-sized and very orderly environment. Children can access everything they may need, independently. Further, daily routines are consistent — a child knows, every day, what to expect and when.

We Develop Skills


Language development

Toddlers are ripe for the development of language, with a special sensitivity to absorb language they hear around them.

The Toddler Program supports this development through a variety of custom designed language materials to expand vocabulary. Further, spoken language development is encouraged through group activities, guided conversation, modelling, vocabulary lessons, reading, and 1-1 interaction.By participating in conversations, listening to stories, classifying objects and learning songs and poems, they nurture their budding language skills.

social skills

In most cases, a child in the Toddler Program is going through a first experience of being a part of a broader community The child is gently encouraged to be a member of this society.

We guide your child to develop the bedrock skills he needs to live together peacefully with other children and adults. Waiting one’s turn, courtesy, care for the environment and patience are important lessons that each child is introduced to. Because children this age have a strong tendency to imitate what they see, our teachers constantly model appropriate social skills, good manners and consideration for others.



We Support Brain Development


Engaging The Hands

Recent neuroscience research has strongly validated a key Montessori insight: purposeful use of the hands is critical to brain development. Our Toddler Program encourages children to become independent and use their hands in a co-ordinated fashion across a range of practical life activities.

Practical life exercises break down daily tasks into manageable steps, and enable repeated practice to achieve mastery. These include tasks such as transferring, pouring, pounding, hammering, stringing, lifting & carrying, and so on.


Sensory Experiences

The five senses are the key to helping the brains of young toddlers interpret the world. Sensorial activities offered to the child — often with the help of scientifically designed Montessori materials — aim to develop a child’s awareness through the senses.

As a child gains the ability to quietly attend to his senses, he can move from visual comparisons to differentiating textures, sounds, smells, and weights. Supplementary activities such as food preparation enhance the young child’s awareness of their surroundings and their senses.


Enquire about the Toddler Program


Between 15 - 30 months at the point of enrolment


9:30 am - 12 pm | Monday to Friday


Available (till 6:30 pm) on request


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