Our educators are unlike traditional teachers. They do not engage in transferring knowledge to passive students in large groups.

Instead, they individually guide and mentor students on rigorous, personalised education paths towards mastery.



Why educators, not teachers


facilitating learning

Every time children are “taught” something, we deprive them of the joy of finding it out for themselves. At PEP, educators are not authoritative gatekeepers to knowledge. They are like mutual friends who provide introductions to powerful ideas that children meet and befriend for life. 

The sense of ownership that comes with autonomous discovery is a critical component of long-term retention. Our educators thus set children on an individual path of discovery, and help guide them when they require support or enrichment. Students hold themselves up to the highest standards of rigour and demonstrate progress as per mutually agreed goals.


close observation 

Our educators closely observe children as they work. They focus on truly understanding their students as unique individuals with varying interests and abilities, and continuously fine-tune learning conditions for their intellectual growth.

Our educators rigorously document their observations of children’s thought processes, comments, actions and work outputs. This serves as a basis for public displays, assessments, parent engagement and further personalisation. The practice of documentation helps foster a relentless culture of improving learning effectiveness. 

What we look for in educators


passion for learning

Great educators have a passion for learning. They are constantly seeking to hone their craft by keeping up with the latest research, reflecting on their daily practice, and upgrading their skills.  

growth mindset

Great educators genuinely believe that everyone can develop new skills if they put their minds to it. They understand that making mistakes is a natural and fundamental part of learning, and emphasise the importance of honest effort over outcomes.


achievers with ownership 

Great educators need not come from a teaching background, but have demonstrated high achievement in their chosen fields of study and work. They do whatever it takes to facilitate outstanding learning experiences, function highly collaboratively with other educators and never say “That’s not my job”.


how we empower our educators


learning community 

We believe that schools can be as much for educators’ learning as they are for students’. Educator training is a core activity for us: we help our educators stay abreast of the best recent research and practices in the field. 

Further, we believe educators are often best placed to help each other, particularly in the context of students they may both be working with. To promote such collaboration, we have formal mechanisms that enable regular sharing of information.


tech tools 

Far too often in today’s schools, teachers are distracted by various administrative tasks. At PEP, we want our educators to have laser focus on the single most important thing: great student learning experience. 

To serve this end, we use digital tools for efficient administration, student portfolio management and documentation of progress.